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Octavia Dingss

  Octavia is a self-portrait photographer, Artist and Self-taught Fashion Designer born on October 16th 1992 in Bengkalis Island, Riau Province, Indonesia. She started to take photos of herself when she was 13 years old. Her artwork shows her emotions, identity and dreams. Her dreams, based on memories of despair and loss are meant to evoke emotions, and feelings of recognition.


Octavia captures the complex strength and fragility of her identity in her self-portraits.


She visualizes surreal, magical fantasies and atmospheric dreams that show us what it means to feel, dream, think and express oneself creatively.

Her work often features her out in nature and in her studio.

Beside that, Octavia Dingss born with special abilities, Gifted Psychic Empath Medium and Intuitive Healer. She loves Art, Fashion, Architecture, Ancient History, Music. She is a Visionary with a lot of visions in many fields. 

She currently lives in Bali Island as an Intuitive Healer, Empath Medium, Ambassador, Designer, Creator, Advisor. 

"Love is the Key and Secret of all." - Octavia Dingss

"In this temporary life, be kind to every being(s) , seen and unseen. Leave a good impact in whatever we do."

- Octavia Dingss

"Energy is the most Valuable and Highest currency in the whole Universe." - Octavia Dingss

"Do what you love, and let it 'kill' you."

-Octavia Dingss

"Frequency is my language." - Octavia Dingss

"I Claim freedom through everything I do." - Octavia Dingss

"Authenticity is everything."- Octavia

"Pure Art makes the World 'singing'." - Octavia Dingss


If you would like to buy any of her photo, designs, creation, artworks, paintings (Open for Proposal by requests), including private collectors editions / series, feel free to contact us. Thank you.

P.S.A NOT all Requests nor Bookings Guaranteed will be accepted or confirmed. thanks for understanding.


If you'd like to set up an appointment for any Sessions in Spirituality, (she is currently open for VERY LIMITED space only.)

Come with open mind, heart and good intentions only.

Feel free to email us or check her active* Official platforms .

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